When it Rains by Raine Leggett

This is a short story I made stringing together micro fiction. I started this format before with a story I titled Love-Lie. I made a series of micro fiction that I wanted to flesh out. However after reading them together they sounded amazing. As such the format has become intriguing to me. Take a look at my story.

When it Rains by Raine Leggett

When Rain Cries

An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under the sun. A nap and a book under a tree. A sound a song that enters my ears. Singing sweet beauty to dry the tears. A serene sunset enters my view. The stars twinkle a vision of you. A tear that falls as emotion arise. A warmth a joy my family holds. I sit down on a rainy day. Hoping my happiness doesn’t wash away.

What Arises

What arises as I listen to you, is a feeling that moves me into sweet dreams. It takes me high into the sky. I wander around the clouds for you. I take a look and see a story. It tells the tell of a lovely girl. One so beautiful I could cry. I want to talk to her and tell her my name. I want to see her yet my eye they wake.

Where are You

In this distant stare of mine is an image of the one I love. I watch as she speaks to the sky. Our eyes not meeting at any time. She begins to sing a simple tune. Just short of my words is my fluttering heart. A love blossoms with every verse. Where are you in this world? Only time will tell.

In Good Time

I walk down a long road. My steps coming in big strides. I stop to the sound of a tune. I see her in the distance. I want to run to say hello. But as I run, she flows away. I don’t understand it. Why must she go? The world around me crumbles in despair. No return only tears.

It’s Raining

I lift my head from my dreams. I sleep for what seems like eternity. These days fly yet always stay still. A soft drop against my window. A drumming up in the sky. The shower earth gives me tells me it’s alright. I close my eyes and hear a voice. Come to me I want to see. Tell me who you are and lets both dream.

But I Won’t Go

I walk forward to an outstretched hand. I see someone I dare not look at. A playful spirit. A smile so serene. But I won’t take it this hand so tempting. I won’t go to the silhouette in front of me. I stay away but my words betray me. My name slips across my lips. But I won’t go just past this sin.

To you Who Sees Me

I wander dazed at the night I had. I want to vanish. I sway as I walk. Another tune but it escapes my mouth. I wonder what came over me. I wonder if I’m sane. I crouch to the ground. My breath heavy as I go. What have we here? A wandering soul.

Can I tell A Story

I recite words to myself under a tree. They come out drifting. A bliss floats high in my chest. I sit with my head down. Yet my eyes do not flood. Can I hear too? Comes a voice just behind me. I can speak for you a lovely tell I say. Let’s listen together and enjoy this day.

Please Stay with Me

When I tell you a tell, there is always bliss. When you listen to me, I think I could fly. The one I fell for takes me to the sky. The one I fell for helps me pass the time. Will you stay with me? I always wonder. Turn to the sky, is always what I hear. Please stay with me and I will be here.

Because you are Mine

When we meet I want to say, I have feelings that are for you. And when I say them, you fly around me. It’s joy, it’s reverie. But as time flies my body leaves. It falls apart with our everlasting sin. Because you are mine, I follow you in time. Because you are mine, we simply live divine.

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