A Warmth of Music by Raine Leggett

Music is everything to me. I use it to relax. I use it to exercise. I also use it when I am in need of some emotional support. In this story a woman finds comfort in music. Please enjoy.

A Warmth of Music by Raine Leggett

The music started as she shuttered herself in her room. Tears flowed down her eyes endlessly.

“What am I going to do…” She whispered to herself. “My job meant everything to me.”

She had just received a call from her boss that she was laid off. The company she worked on scaled back and eliminated the department she worked in.

Her breath stifled as she listened to the music. She was playing a soft rock. Every now and then she tried to bob to the music. It wouldn’t hold her long as sadness overwhelmed her. Even so, this was her favorite playlist. She listened and tried to sing along. It took her mind off of things.

“Maybe I’ll search for something new.”

She searched through many songs, playing them and stopping as she found ones she liked. She forgot how much she loved this. Some songs she listened to made her forget she was upset. She felt like a D.J. finding a good mix. Whenever she imagined she was one she felt alive.

Before long she had gathered another playlist. It was a bit more of a variety. She sat there playing the songs in the order found. She eventually looped songs. It made her feel happy.

“I might as well try to mix this.”

She played for hours on a software she bought on a whim. It was tricky figuring it out, but she felt more relaxed as time went on.

“Maybe I should try a job more me.” She thought hard after listening to her mix. “It’s not bad…”

Before long she had searched on her laptop terms for becoming a music manager.

“I’ll start here then.” She smiled to herself. “After all, what have I got to lose?”

She leaned back to the sound of music. It played softly over her silence. Just as she leaned her head back her phone began to ring.

She answered when she saw her friend’s name.

“Jennifer? I got your text earlier. You lost your job!?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Well what are you going to do? I’m sure you are worried sick.”

“Truth is I am. But I’ve decided to pursue a career in music.”

“Really!? What about money?”

“I have enough to sit for a bit after cash in retirement. I’ll think more then.”

“Alright. If that is the case then, I’ll support you. After all, you’ve always loved music.”

“Thanks, Kathy. By the way, do you want to hear what I’ve been up?”

“Sure, but only after we’ve had lunch.”

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