The Knight and the Flower by Raine Leggett

I was listening to music that was a bit dark in nature. It inspired me to write a darker piece. As I penned the opening I thought of a losing battle that end in peace. Take a look.

The Knight and the Flower by Raine Leggett

From beyond this realm was one where God resides. A land filled with lush. I have visions of that land when I close my eyes. Yet as I reach my hand forward a blaze fill my world with orange. To visit there is my only wish. I will not wake until I am there. Let me rest my lord, for I seek mercy for my soul.

He lay there in his cold. Many ran by as his mind left him. All he could hear was the clashing of swords in the distance. The smell of blood surrounded him. He felt no pain only a cold desire to leave. It was vexing.

His eyes could only see darkness.

“We have to avenge The General.”

“Such vile treachery. We surrendered.”

“They struck him as we lowered our flag.”

He lay there in his on anger at these words. Yet his wounds would not let him up.

In his mind words began to escape.

“I hold no fear. I wish to be there soon. My blade has fallen. I hold myself responsible. My men. My people I failed them but they will live. Protect them with your might as I have lost mine.”

He felt a thump against him. One of his men stumbled over him and fell.

Shaken and angered they fought with all of their might.

Screams filled his mind. They sounded terrible.

“I want so much to live. They need my help.”

A darkness came over him. A silence filled his ears.

“Victory!” Is all he heard. Yet it was the wrong voice.

As he lay there. A cold washed over him. Pain began to return. His eyes flickered open.

A desolate sound of silence loomed. He lifted his head as best he could.

“No…” He whispered.

Only bodies of his men lay with him. Devastation filled him.

He crawled over to a tree and leaned up against it. He looked ahead at the field before him. Agony and fear washed over him.

“A coward. A coward won this for them.” He moaned. “I am the only one who lives.”

He felt a vexing fear. Tears began to fill his eyes.

He looked up to the stars filling the sky. They twinkled as if nothing happened.

“Such a mockery. Why do you smile so brightly at me!?”

He rested against the tree. He looked to his left to see a field of gladius flowers.

“The flowers live. Our field is unmarred…” He whispered.

The moon now shine light over him. He closed his eyes as the cold air consumed him.

He went dark before he felt a touch.

A women stood before him as if she was leaving. He stared at her as she walked away. A flower was placed on his lap. He tried to call her, but his voice would not speak.

“Hurry this way!” a man cried.

“Are there survivors?” Someone asked desperately.

“Yes, there is one by a tree.” A woman said.

They all rushed to his side. He saw they were from his land. Relief washed over him.

“The strength of this flower his all I need. My land his still strong. I may now sleep.”

He closed his eyes clenching the gladius flower. As he did a light shone above him. A lush green open to his eyes. I’ll remain here for rest of my time.

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