The Devil and the Flower by Raine Leggett

In this story I take a look at an assassin. His job isn’t quite a cake walk. What happens when your times up? Take a look.

The Devil and the Flower by Raine Leggett

“Would you like to buy a flower?”

The man turned to look at the young woman. She looked at him earnestly.

“No, thank you.” He said as he waved her off.

He continued on his way.

He made his way to a building ahead of him. It was a large stage play house. Many were lining up to view the show. It was crowed. He maneuvered through crowd swiftly.

Making his way around back he scaled a latter.

“I have to make this quick.” He muttered.

He entered through a window.

Sneaking hall after hall he looked around. He arrived at the room of an actress. Staring at it he decided to pass it.

“This isn’t the place.”

He walked for some time before finding the prop room. He picked his way into the room. Looking around he found what he wants.


Looking at a blank gun he trades it out.

“Now I’m out of here.”

He quickly made his way out the way he came.

Turning around he went into the crows to buy his tickets.

The line was long. His heart began to race. He made it to the front and get the best seats.

The show room was filled with murmurs and excitement. The lights began to dim as the show began. The actress entered on stage. The opening move progressed with all eyes on her. As the next movement happened, he broke into a cold sweat. The applause would soon carry them into the third act. He watched in anticipation. The actor with the scene he wanted pulled out the gun. He aimed it then fired overhead. A loud pop could be heard.

He then heard something that horrified him.

“I knew it. It’s loaded. This is not my prop.”

The house came into a panic. The man quickly got up and hurried out of the theatre. He rushed until he was stopped.

“Sir are please do not panic-“

Before the man could finish, he pushed passed him.

Not long after there was another man.

“Sir stop-“

He continued to hurry. He was determined to leave.

As he got outside. He hurried until he bumped into someone.

“Hey watch it!” A man yelled.

“I’m in a hurry.” The man tried to move.

“No you’ll watch it!” The other man demanded.

The man then tried to shove past him. He bumped through him before hearing a loud pop and feeling burning pain. He fell immediately.

“Stop right there!”

The place fell into a panic. A calamity ensued. The other man ran before being chased down.

“How awful…” A young woman said.

She bent over and place a marigold by him as she was quickly ushered away.

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