About Me

My name is Raine and I am a huge fan of storytelling.

I have grown up with a love of daydreaming. Over a huge course of my life I have enjoyed many of my own stories. As much as I still enjoy it; there was always something amazing about viewing other people’s stories. Seeing original content, retelling, reaction, and reviews brought on an entirely new love of consuming media. I dived into many novels and videogames with the guidance of other media fans and experienced some of the best stories I could ever imagine. The most amazing thing though; was the people I met and talked too. I have many fond memories just talking about favorite shows.

While I never stuck to a particular genre however, I have always loved fantasy. Which made me gravitate to rpgs. I discovered anime shortly after. I then fell in love instantly. It shattered everything thought of what good story was. Genres I would never think to look at have produced some absolute favorites stories of mine. Now I have explored many genres and a least one of them as a good series. Nowadays I try about anything. After all, I just can’t say no to a good story.

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