In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Moon that Lights My Eyes

The only thing I love is the dreams I go to when I sleep. I watch the stars glowing high in the sky just before I close my eyes. The twinkling soothes me in a lullaby. The moon is bright and high in the sky. I watch it close with hope it beams dreams so sweet it will bring you to me again.

A darkness falls before me. I never panic as it does because shortly after a picture unfolds. It’s so vivid my eyes light up immediately. What will I see today? Where will I go in time? Are you there too? Excitement fills me.

I see clouds form in front of me. I want to rest on one. So I leap up into the sky. I land so soft and bounce into a gentle rest. I eye the sky, but the sun is not in sight. Instead, the moon now smiles on its side. The sky is lit with its beams instead. I lay down as the cloud floats me further. Where am I going? Is it adventure time now. It changes shape into a ship. I grab a wheel and take a spin.

I sail the sky past the clouds. My cloud ship steady ahead. I see a sea flickering. A million stars lay ahead. I speed towards them in great excitement. They glow green as I approach and many of them start to streak. I halt my ship and make a wish. “I want to stay here and sail away.”

The light glows brighter and clears the way. I grab hold as my ship moves and away I go with a zoom. I sail faster then the stars streak. I pass a twilight twinkling around. As I do I see a moon. One so different. One so bright. I want to go to it, so I steer my ship to it.

I land on that moon. My ship fading a I do. A light rain pours as I land. A beautiful plant grows to meet me. I slide down and enjoy a good splash. I explore with a bounce for every step. I run and jump so high; I float down in a drift. This is so lovely. I want to cry. I’ll explore more in this dream of mine.

I watch the sky and a ship appears. I see the piolet and It’s you my dear. You wave at me and beam a smile for me. I wave back as you land near me. I climb aboard as you ask me to come with you. Yet as I do the light fades. A darkness falls and I wake up to the moon. I’m in my room. I feel my joy wane. I want to stay with you.

The light of the moon has my room bright. I roll to my side and close my eyes. I wish again that I could be with you. A vivid light brings me to a beach. Waves splash against the shores. I run to them to wet my feet. I jump around in my joy. I find a pail and a shovel too. I then hear “Do these belong to you?”

I turn to see you again. A joy washes over me. Let’s build a sandcastle just you and me. We pick a spot along the beach. We dig together just you and me. I build a turret you build a wall. I build a bridge; you place a flag. Our castle is full of fun. A shell here and there. A moat all around. We smile together but the brightness come back.

The Sun fills my room but I’m happy now. I’ll see you soon my wonderful girl. Until then I enter the world. And when I do, I’ll remember you. The times we have will get me through. My love for you will help me win. So goodnight to you and the moon too. Goodnight my love I’ll see you soon.

I watch the time as I sit in bed. The evening sky begins to fade. What do I see? The first star of the night. I stare at its beauty and I make a wish. I want to see you again in my dreams. I bliss flows over me as more stars appear. I close my eyes and drift into the dark. I fall into a fluffy cloud. Its softness soothes me as I lay. The sky was an evening orange with stars dancing all around. What are those silly things doing up there? They twinkle on and off and circle by each other in glee.

As I watch on fall to the ground. I leave my cloud to see if it’s alright. It tells me “I am fine. Now I owe you a wish. Pick one, my dear.” So I wish for you right away. In a dazzling light you appear in front of me. I see your smile so wide and bright. You say hi and look at the sight. The stars twinkled up high. The little star glew with all its might and tells us, “Now let’s fly!” We glow with sparkles. You grab my hand. “Let’s go!” you shout and away we go.

We blast into the sky with all our might. We shoot past the stars and zip and fly. The sky was so lovely. I can’t believe my eyes. You let go in your vigor to fly further away. I lose sight of you the light in the way. I wake up crying. I lost you again. I sit up to dry my eyes. A glass of water will help me calm. I drink some a sip at a time. I return to bed a close my eyes.

I darkness surrounds my yet again. I’m moving fast through the sky. Where am I? On a train? Yet I see no windows or no walls. I look down to see a shape so familiar. It’s a star! I zip past the sky past a great moon. I see a person and say hey it’s you! You look as if you made a wish. I find myself fade in a zip.

I come to and see I’m with you. “Hey! I just wished for you!” I hear these words and a smile in bliss. You ask me to follow you to a café’ this time. We run with steps as light as feathers. I see a place that stands up tall. Floating ponds and rocks the shine. We met with a gentle who smile upside down. He says its no frown and “Forgive me now. This place will serve you is finest moonshine. Take it in and find your shine.”

I follow you in. You say sit down. The drinks are there and glowing glasses. I take a sip and fall from my chair. I’m in bed now I want so much more. I roll to my side. I want to sleep but will you be there? I calm myself from my frustration. Sleep takes me yet again. Hopefully I see that moon again.

I look around shortly after I drifted. A shadowy forest is where I lay. It’s dark and yet it’s so bright. A little frog hops by my side. It carried a stone that glew very bright. It looked at me and dropped its stone. It motioned for me to take the stone. I pick it up and it begins to shine. The forest clear before my eyes. Many stars float in the sky. One shoots by very close. As it does the stone glows brighter. I close my eyes for another wish but as I do the stones light consumes me. I teleport faster than I can wish. I see a castle grand and beautiful. I look in awe and see it’s ours. Run for it as the bridge lowers. A bright light shines and the sun is here.

“My castle!” I weep as the sun bathes me. I had hoped you were there. I watch the light come through my room. By tomorrow I’ll see you soon.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, Here’s to You

To the wonderful person I see in front of me; here is to you special day. Here it to much laughter. We Celebrate you today. On this day there’s cheers for you. And on this day is one wish. I hope it makes you happy. So make your wish in bliss. Blow out all the candles. Stay happy on this day. Watch with smiling faces on the sight of your birthday. So Happy Birthday to you, the wonderful person beside me.

I hope to embrace you with hugs that fill you up with warmth. I hope to place my lips to yours for all this love I got. I want to give you the best day ever. So I will say I love you too. So Happy Birthday to my wonderful girl. This day is just for you.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, So I Ran

When you say “Hi”, how do I look? Do I look strong? Am I a pretty face? What if I said hi too? Would I look strange? I want to be brave. But what do I do? This woman in front of me is strange and bizarre. She talks herself loud with bravado. She calls herself one of a kind. Can I do the same in good time?

I walk beside you in away. Talking to you is a bit strange. Will I yell my name like you do yours? Am I a fool or no one like you? I want to be brave and strut my own way. So, I put on a face just like yours. I think I can see but where am I now? Am I me or just another you?

Where did it go? That confidence you see. Where am I to you? Do you still see me? I feel so ashamed I don’t want to win. I run and hide but I lose you then. A sorrow washes over me. I try to calm down. I look in the mirror and see myself now. Why do I cry? Can I help me? I say my name one time and I see the tears dry. I say my name two times and I see a feint smile. I say my name again and I remember me now.

I return to you with my own face. You see me and say “Hi, where have you been?” I simply answer I lost myself then. With open arms I feel your embrace. With open arms I welcome back myself back the same.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, The One Whose on my Mind

In the corner of my mind, I’ve always seen you. I watch a light over your head. It was always so beautiful. Yet as I stared into your eyes, you always seemed fearful. Is it me you look at with those eyes or do they look beyond? I want to reach for you, but the light seems too hot. But as I grow braver, I approach you with no fear.  The light grows brighter. I see no life in your eyes. Are you still there I wonder?

You look through me. I ask are you okay. You blink before speaking. Your voice soft and meek. “I’ve killed you.” You said. I look in astonishment to where you point. I see me laying there in a heap. So motionless and grotesque. A knife stuck where I lay. “What have you done!?” I scream to you. “I’ve meant to tell you I love you. Yet you couldn’t hear me. I wait for your heart. I wait for him to call you. I wait no more for you. So I decided to call you.”

I watch tears stream from your eyes. The light began to fade. My fear is beginning to over run me. I want to go where I lay. “Please forgive me.” You say. I don’t know how to answer. You quickly reach and grab my hand. “Let’s go together to beyond and away.” “I’m too scared.” I simply answer. “No need for fear of our journey home. The light will lead guide us.”

I grab your hand as you float us up. I watch my form. “Please only look up.” You say. I close my eyes and say my wish. “I try to understand you and live with this. I won’t feel fear forever. As this light is such a bliss.”

Drabble #129 To Follow You

To the angel I seek in my dreams, I followed you but it’s too dark to see. A chill spreads across me. My eyes grow heavy and weary. Yet it seems so serene when you call to me. I follow your voice to a deeper dark. I hollow yet I feel no fear. I come closer to you my dear. I open my eyes to see a light. I followed you here to hold you tight. I followed you home to rest in light.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, To Our Beauty

I’ve always watched my dear Winter. She is the brightest flower of my life. Her vividness is as bright as a rose. She brings a lot of joy to my life. Today we loved each other for our 39th year. I want it to say to her my dear.

He watched her as she hummed to herself. She held the roses he gave her close. They were enjoying a special brunch for their anniversary. It was just the beginning of their day. He sat in his chair watching her expression. He wanted to live in this moment forever.

Their place was set up in a wonderful manner. They placed many types of flowers around to add a splash of color. It was to symbolize their love and their colorful life together.

“John what do you say sit in the living room now. I could fancy some music.”

His expression lit up.

“You know what, Winter, that sounds alright.”

John then got up and held his hand out to Winter in a gentlemanly fashion. She giggled and grabbed his hand. They strolled to the living room. Winter sat down and watched as John looked through their records.

“Ah ha!” He said as he found the right one.

He placed it in the record player and the music stared playing. As the music started, he two stepped his way back.

“Fancy, a little dance too?” John invited.

“Well would you ever?” Winter said as she stood up.

They got close and swayed to the speed of the music. He gave her a twirl and a little dip. They both laughed as the music played. A slower song brought them closer. They held each other to the smooth rhythm.

“This song always gets me.” John says. “It makes me so happy to dance with you to it.”

“Well, this is our song after all.” Winter said as she placed her head on his shoulder.

He let out a little chuckle as they swayed to the music. As it finished, he offered to sit down.

They sat close together letting the record keep their mood. They silently enjoyed it. They talked about parts they loved. A bright mood was about them.

“Say do you remember our first concert together?” John spoke as the records last song came up.

“I certainly do!” she beamed. “It was such a lively event.”

“I know it was amazing.” John smiled.

The music played as the held their conversation. They way they talked time seemed to stay with them forever. The music stopped playing as the talked.

“My It’s done!” Winter chuckled. “I enjoyed you as much as the music.”

John let out a laugh.

“Shall we put another on?” He offered.

“No. Let’s sit here for a bit. I want to enjoy you.”

“Of course.” He said.

They snugged together really close. Winter’s eyes fell onto a frame in front of them. John watched her eyes as she smiled. It was a photo of them 25 years ago. She looked as happy in the photo as she does now. He smiled to himself.

“Winter…” He started. “I love you so much. In these many years, you have been the most beautiful thing in my life. No rose I’ve seen has matched your beauty. No song I’ve heard has made my smile more. Having you with me is something more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I am happy to say I am yours forever my lovely Winter.”

Winter felt tears of joy form in her eyes.

“We are very beautiful aren’t we.” She said.

They closed their eyes as the stayed very close. It was a day to cherish. Their 39th year. John and Winter looked at the frame once more.

“Here’s to another 39 more!”