In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Perfect Gift

The gift I’ve always wanted was always beautifully packed. It always had ribbon that shown bright in color. It always was round with paper like gold. A brilliant package with pure love inside.

I’ve always imagined opening it. A big smile would always form. A dazzling gift would float out. I hold it dear until I cry. It never leaves my side. I keep it close to my heart. I lay it next to me as I sleep. A wonderful gift I will always love.

Yet as I imagine it, something finer has captured me more. A wonderful girl with a smile so bright. A girl with more beauty than I can behold. I want to share with her a piece of my heart. A little light for her to behold.

I first sing a song to the moon and It gives me a shooting star. I then ask the sun and receive a ray of light. I forge them together with the perfect wish for you. A wonderful wish comes from your lips saying, “I just want to be with you.”

Drabble #108 Forever We Fly

A ghostly smile upon your lips. A twinkle in your eyes as you hold a cup and sip. Come to me my dear. I look at you wearily. You hold out your hand. I take it with no hopes. Don’t survive with me. Let’s both be ghosts. We’ll fly to the sky. We’ll stop short of heaven. I look at you smile. Let’s stay out all night. Draw up a fate where there is just you and I. Come to the valleys just under the sun. Float past the river and never drown. I will keep us up in the flow of time. Let’s live together without a care in the sky.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, One Day Again

As I sat under the tree I simply dreamt of you. The warm sunshine bathed me in light. The gentle wind caressed me. I let out a sigh and began to hum. Your face appears. I look at you smile. And as I do so the warmth in the sun fails. I began to wrap your arms around me. I draw you near and say: “ You are my one. You are my only. I love you so much. And every day I will pray.” When your arms leave me, I find it has been a day. The night fills with light so, I close my eyes to see you again one day. 

“You are mine.” You say. I lay there in your peaceful gaze. I hold you like you won’t get away from me again. I want so much for this to not end. My sweet angel you are mine here. I love you always, so never disappear. Always hold me for my warmth may fade. Tell me again what you say? I close my eyes as you whisper in my ear. Sweet nothings that moves me to tears.

I find myself laying under the dreadful tree. With dewdrops surrounding the green around me. Why have you gone? Please return to me. I openly dream with my heart and hope I will hold you again one day.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, You

An imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under a tree. A war the of the hearts. A loss of a smile. My only lullaby, to pass the time. I drift off to sleep. I dream of you. My love who sees me. My love who is true.

Coming back from a land of sleep, is me who wanted only to weep. I dry my eyes as some tear still stayed. I look outside to a mid day. I want to call you. I want to say hey. Please bring me joy at the end of the day.

A rumble in the sky told me to run away. The downpour of rain hoped to end my day. I flew past you with out a glance. You yelled for me but I didn’t turn back. I can not see you for my eyes are to wet. I can not see you as my heart has not set.

I lay on my back hoping you weren’t hurt. I close my eyes. I let out a sigh. Why do I miss you. I run inside. I dream of flying. I dream of cake. I dream of sunshine as I drift away. I slumber a bit and dream some more. A wake up to night and sing of love.

The wind bustles and leads me away. I walk to a path and sit for a bit. I look around at every face. The one I miss, sneaks up and say “Hey”. I jump in my skin. I look at you weary. I want to hi, so I did for a bit. I talk to you freely. For a little while. I love you sincerely so all I do is smile.

Drabble #107 The Little Frog

A frog in a pond once hopped so high it landed on the moon. It gazed at the stars in an awe it never knew. Stars twinkled for miles right before its eyes. They sped across in streaks of light. The frog hopped into the distance. It landed onto a fluffy cloud. The cool of the cloud kept it in bliss. The frog then jumped into the sky and caught a ride on a blue bird’s back. They flew so free to the sun rays. The frog then jumped from the blue birds back to the pond where it once sat.

Drabble #106 The Life that is Saved

A drop of water amongst the burning sands. A slight breeze under the blazing sun. With my misery is just the slightest hope. With my agony is a slightly quenched thirst. I’ve wandered for years and came up from sin. The unjust nature of my crime has filled my with fear. If I am to live, my life is something I’ll cherish. From the bottom of my heart, I won’t run from the life that is saved.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, To my Dear Love

To my dear Love,
I once saw you in my sleep. A dream unfolded before my eyes. You stood before me with a serene melody. It resonated through my heart. A light shone around me as I finally caught your eyes. A gaze warmer than your melody filled my eyes with tears. A love so sweet bloomed in my heart. I wanted to get closer but as I did the sun broke into view. A light you fell in made my run to you. With all my might I followed your voice. I ran until I was lost. Surrounded by warmth I felt a sense of peace. Yet until I see you my eyes continues to weep. As I stayed engulfed in the light, a sweet voice says “I’m here. Open your eyes and I am in front of you” I close my eyes and see your face. My one true love I see you face.
From the one who loves you,

In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Warm Cup

A cold wind bared on her face. She shivered slightly as she walked amongst the colorful leaves. In her quick pace she huddled her arms. The wind was so strong it made it hard to breath as it hit her face. She let out a sigh as she had always hated this time of year. She thought she bundled up enough.

“How terrible.” She muttered. “I hate the cold.”

She stopped when the wind blew a great gust. Shivering she ran into a nearby coffee shop.

“You look cold.” A woman said from behind the counter. “Would you like to order now?”

“Yes please.” She said. “I didn’t think it would be so cold.”

It was almost vacant inside which made it easy to find a spot after her coffee was made.

She took long sips to let herself warm up. It looked like the wind wasn’t going to settle anytime soon. She let out another sigh.

“Would you like a refill?”

“Huh?” She a bit startled of the sudden company.

“It’s on the house.”

“Thank you.” She said as she looked at her name tag. “That would be awesome. Lola.”

Lola filled up another cup and brought it to her.

She sat a bit more relaxed with her second cup. The breeze looked like it was slowing up. She eventually heard Lola humming a tone in the back. It was very interesting.

As she listened, she looked around to see she was the only person left.

“It’s never this vacant.” Lola said a bit aloof.

“Yes, it is.” She said as she watched Lola approach. “My name is Jane by the way. Just so we won’t be so awkward.”

Lola laughed. “Sure! It’s nice to meet you.”

Lola walked past her to the other table.

“You can sit here if you want?” Jane said.

“Oh really? Then I will.” Lola said as she moved to her table.

“So what brings out in such weather anyway.” Lola asked curiously. “You seemed to cold to be out for a coffee.”

“Did look that cold?” Jane asked.

“You did.”

“Ah, well I was actually going home from work. I stayed in a bit late.”

“Hmm, I see.” Lola said watching her closely. “You must want to get home.”

Jane laughed. “Of course!”

A silence passed as she sipped her coffee. She looked at Lola who seemed to get startled a bit.

“Sorry I’m staring.”

“You weren’t.” Jane said a bit taken aback.

Lola laughed a bit relieved.

Jane watched the wind as it seemed to be carrying a few more people into the shop. This caught Lola’s eye too.

“Well I better get back to work. Try to get home soon as the cold might have picked up again.”

Jane watched her leave a bit disappointed.


Customers lined in with various words and murmurs. People patted themselves in an attempt to warm up. Lola seemed to kick up to a high gear as she took the orders and made them fast. Jane watched her tentatively as she seemed to catch her eye a lot.

She eventually settled in and began to people watch in between watching Lola. It was interesting. She never seen a more outgoing person. She made each customer comfortable with each conversation no matter how small they were.

Jane eventually looked at the clock ahead.

“Hmm… I better go soon.” She muttered to herself.

She got up and headed for the door.

“Thank you! Come again!” Lola said with a wink.

“Perhaps I will.” Jane said. “In fact; maybe I’ll be back really soon.”