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Hello all, hope you have been enjoying the stories I’ve put up. They are super fun to write and reading them have always put a smile on my face. Escapism is done best with dreams, but you don’t always have to stay asleep. Look forward to more and recharge for your day right with me.

Drabble #9 Departure

I open my eyes as I lay in the dark. A cold had been over me, yet I did not freeze. A voice called me but I did not leave. I listened and slept until the sunrise. As light filled my room and opened my eyes,

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In for the Rain: Short Stories, My Lady

The little imp followed her to the ground.

“You lied to me my, liege.”

“It’s lady gorgon to you.”

The gorgon was a beautiful woman devilish in the eyes. Her might showed in her face as the imp fell to his knees.

“I did as you asked.”

“I asked for her to be brought to me.”

“But I did…”

“She is too pure for her to come that way. She rises far beyond my reach.”

She stalked over to the fallen woman and reached for the crimson liquid that fell from her chest.

Her eyes blurred as she nearly wept.

“My Liege…”

The woman raged and swung her stained hands toward the imp.

He fell into a cower.

“You took her! I will never have her now!”

She let out a furious roar. Her body went into a buckled lurch. She grew scales and her eyes went out. Only death was in them and they only wanted that imp.

He ran with all his might. His feet assaulting the ground as he tried to escape. He looked around to see her closing in fast.

“Why run! Why not come and cower before your liege!?”

He looked around as chills took over him.

All at once he turned and ran into a tree. She closed in and the tree buckled into two.

She never felt such anguish as she devoured an entity.

The sky clouded up as she cried. The woman wept into the sky.

“She’s not coming back. She’s not coming down. I can’t hold her!”

She looked into the air and saw a small spirit.

“You fool, I can’t reach up there!”

And with that she returned to Hell.

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Drabble #6 His Story

When you think about it, he was a hero. He’d tie your shoe. He picks you up and dust you off. You’d lay in bed and he’d kiss your head. Cool summer nights where always fun. We’d surf the stars until we were free. Every day I miss him, but I have pride. I learned to laugh and take things in stride. A firm guide to my precious life.

Drabble #4 The Singer

She opens her mouth to sing a song. Beautiful notes float through the air as she gracefully moves around. A vibrant flare as notes dance to the beat. The final medley moves the crowd within their seats. A loud cheer as the song ends. A dreamer bows and cries as the warmth of her song fills her mind. She closes her eyes a fulfilled dream now in sight. She exits the stage on a golden light.

A Few Drabbles

Hello all, hope you are well. I’d like to share a few drabbles. While not exactly 100 words in length, they are a piece of my mind. I love writing these as much as short stories. They have been put together as Love-Lie, Dreams, and Sleep. Here are a few that I have not put together but would like to share.

Drabble #1


The parade of men lit the sky. Sinners are punished, by the one that claims their prize. They stalk the ground as they become death. As a greed call sin steals both woman and man. Raining from the sky the stars drop until they disappear. At the stroke of midnight, the goddess comes down. She weeps as she wanders and thinks, “why did this land fall now?” The soldiers begin to reek. She lifted them into the air “Now you’ll all come with me.” Then the moon disappears.

Drabble #2


The ones in the sky they call the gods sent me a message called love. The diamonds in the sky show my sign and send them to you. Look up my love and the world will turn. Sweet dreams to me as the sun still burns.

Drabble #3

Bottled Message

I penned down words and lost them for you. They fell in the sea and floated helplessly. I tried to smile but as I pass you by, the message I sealed away comes up in time. You walk down the shore and find my love, as I finally come up and say, “Why cry?”

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