In for the Rain: Short Stories, Wind

He laid nestled against a tree. It was such a warm day. The soft gentle wind kept a coolness about. He looked at the clouds as they floated by with a song coming from his lips. He swayed as he sung in a cheery nature. The rhythm played in his head as he tapped his feet.

“I love this tune!” He said with a smile.

He hopped up to stretch his legs. As he did so the sun peaked around.


He strolled with the welcomed warmth. The wind caressed him as he walked.

Just as he came to a stop a bird flew by with a flower in its mouth.

“Oh?” He looked up at it. “That very interesting. I’ll follow it!”

He ran gleefully after it; jumping over rocks from time to time. The bird flew so low. He could see that it was holding a sunflower. He beamed as he followed with a laugh. The bird didn’t seem to be bothered. It made no effort to speed up or fly any higher.

“It’s such a lovely bird. It looks like a blue jay.”

He ran such a long way his legs pumping the ground.

“Such a long run won’t stop me now!” He yelled. “Hah!”

The bird started to lower to a near by stump. To where it would eventually stop.

“So, it lands here?” He said as he stopped nearby.

He carefully walked up to see the bird.

“How curious…” He said as he watched the bird. “I though he wanted to eat it.”

The bird sat on the stomp looking the flower. It cooed at it in a beautiful way. He watched the bird look with such an innocent expression.

“You really love flowers. Don’t you little guy?”

The bird snapped up with caution.”


It flew off as he yelled leaving the flower behind.

“I scared it!” A look of disappointment washed over him as he said this.

He reached to pick up the flower. Looking it over himself. He careful turned it in his hands. It looked like it had just bloomed.

“It is a lovely flower. Too bad he didn’t get to keep it.”

He strolled holding the flower. Thinking to himself again. As he did so a tune entered his head. All at once he began to sing. He blared his song loudly. His voice ringing across the field. He stepped with in a peppy manor until it became a march. His song brought power to his step. He held the flower high as he did so.

He covered a distance before he saw it. A beautiful sunflower field.

“Ohh!” He said.

It stretched for miles

He went into the field. Looking about in awe. He strolled with a merry expression. Before long he stopped.

“Ahh! he’s here!”

The bird sat in the field. Look at flower after flower. It was nestled on a branch of a tall tree.

“Hey!” He said as he waved the flower. “Come down, you forgot this!”

The bird looked at him curiously was he waved the sunflower high above his head. He watched as it looked at him before getting closer.

“You really won’t come down.” He said disappointed. “At least let me return this.”

He laid the sunflower against the tree and began to walk off. Just as he did so the bird chirped loudly. He turned to see it had flown down to pick it up.

“Ah hah! So you did come down.”

The bird flew to him and perched on hid outstretched arm. “Now then” He laughed. “Let’s look at this field together.”

In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Warmth of Music

The music started as she shuttered herself in her room. Tears flowed down her eyes endlessly.

“What am I going to do…” She whispered to herself. “My job meant everything to me.”

She had just received a call from her boss that she was laid off. The company she worked on scaled back and eliminated the department she worked in.

Her breath stifled as she listened to the music. She was playing a soft rock. Every now and then she tried to bob to the music. It wouldn’t hold her long as sadness overwhelmed her. Even so this was her favorite playlist. She listened and tried to sing along. It took her mind off of things.

“Maybe I’ll search for something new.”

She searched through many songs, playing them and stopping as she found ones she liked. She forgot how much she loved this. Some songs she listened to made her forget she was upset. She felt like a D.J. finding a good mix. Whenever she imagined she was one she felt alive.

Before long she had gathered another playlist. It was a bit more of a variety. She sat there playing the songs in order found. She eventually looped songs. It made her feel happy.

“I might as well try to mix this.”

She played for hours on a software she bought on a whim. It was tricky figuring it out, but she felt more relaxed as time went on.

“Maybe I should try a job more me.” She thought hard after listening to her mix. “It’s not bad…”

Before long she had searched on her laptop terms for becoming a music manager.

“I’ll start here then.” She smiled to herself. “Afterall what have I got to lose?”

She leaned back to the sound of music. It played softly over her silence. Just as she leaned her head back her phone began to ring.

She answered when she saw her friend’s name.

“Jennifer? I got your text earlier. You lost your job!?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Well what are you going to do? I’m sure you are worried sick.”

“Truth is I am. But I’ve decided to pursue a career in music.”

“Really!? What about money?”

“I have enough to sit for a bit after cash in retirement. I’ll think more then.”

“Alright.  If that is the case then, I’ll support you. Afterall, you’ve always loved music.”

“Thanks, Kathy. By the way do you want to hear what I’ve been up?”

“Sure, but only after we’ve had lunch.”

In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Garden for Us

Did you know that behind their beauty there is also sadness. Marigolds are simple but for me they mean a lot. In my most saddest moments a friend picks one for me. I asked why not give me something more pretty to which she answered:

“I chose it to be sincere. In your sadness you should express it properly. Marigolds symbolizes grief. Remember your feelings well and you will see that should you ever return to grief you see a familiar place and returning to light should be less daunting.”

Those words moved me.

I stared at her as her tears fell. She wait so long for her birthday. She was going to fly overseas with her mother. I’ve never seen her smile so brightly in my life. Yet before the trip her mother passed away. I was shocked. But these tears she shed are so vexing. I wanted so much to dry them for her.

“Sharron, I’m not sure how I could help… Even so let’s figure this out together.”

She nodded as she cried. She remained silent as she did so.

“Here, let’s go for a walk.”

We walked as far as the sidewalk took us. As we walked around town, I tried to make small talk. It worked only for a little at first but as we went along: I noticed she was trying to talk to feel better. It wasn’t long before we approached a bench.

“Can we stop here, Khari?”


“Tell me more about the language of flowers.” I began.

Sharron loved flowers so much. She spoke on the language of many flowers including the marigolds she always brought me. I felt like she lifted as she did so. But there was one flower in particular that she spoke of that made me think.

“This is all very interesting.”

Clapping my hands, I had an idea.

“Let’s go to the flower shop together!”

Sharron perked at this.

“Sure, that would help me feel better.”

We walked through town slowly. We took our time walking in silence with words in between. The sun beamed over our heads. Its warmth bathed us in good spirits.

“The sun is smiling for us so brightly, today.” Sharron smiled teary eyed. “Mother must love it up there.”

“Yeah…” I said as I smiled.

Shortly after we approached the flower shop.

“What are you looking for, Khari?”

“These.” I said as I pointed.

“The Hibiscus?”

“Yes, I want to plant some for you. And in time we could watch them grow together for our love.”

Sharron teared up.

“Our love!?”

“Yeah.” I motioned for her to help me pick the seeds.

“Wow. Then can I pick something, too?”

“Sure , what did you have in mind?”

“yellow tulips for our smiles, daisies for our me and you-“

“And Hibiscus for your delicate beauty.” I said as I kissed her cheek.

She stifled tears as she picked up the seeds.

“These may take a while.” She said. “But if it is with you a can wait forever.”