In for the Rain: Short Stories, Adventure of Lockert Barnes

      It’s been hours since Lockert and his men landed on this island, this island of darkness and destruction. They have been in search for treasure in a long and morose forest. Trudging step by step as birds eerily chirped all around, they find themselves slowly being engulfed in this endless maze. Drawing nearer to the center if the forest, the adventurers find themselves at an entrance to a cave that seemingly led to a long dark passage.

     The cave reeked of a sort of evil allure. A strong breeze blew out of the cave, stinging their faces as they looked on. “Well…” started Lockert as he peered through the entrance ” I wonder where these leads?” “I’m sure it doesn’t lead anywhere.” one of his crew said, “and I doubt we’d find food here.” Still looking in the cave curiosity burning through him “Yeah but it’s worth a shot. Is it not?” and with that Lockert headed into the cave leaving no answers to be said.

      Somewhere deep within the confines of the cave a demonic yet human like creature observed through what looked like a mirror in appearance. She was dressed in all black, fire red hair flowed to her shoulders, and her eyes hidden behind some sort of goggles. “What have we here?” she said amusement filling her voice ” It seems I have guests and after so long. Maybe I should greet them” Giggling she headed off.

        The smell of ash and brimstone filled the air. The temperature rose with every inch they preceded. “This seems too hot to just be a cave. Perhaps we should turn back?” First mate Reed said a hint of terror in his voice. ” Don’t worry, I think it’s just a volcano.” Lockert said. ” Sir, are you mad” One of his crew exclaimed ” Just a volcano!? We could be incinerated!” “Don’t worry it’ll be fine. Besides the is kind of interesting.” Lockert assured his men. “Alright then first sign of danger we’re out of here.” Reed said knowing the adventurous nature of his captain.  “Alright” Was the answer from Lockert as they went on.

        Further into the volcano they spotted lava. Some popped in the air one with a dangerously loud sound. Not wanting to put is men in more danger Lockert stated “I think we should turn back now.” before anyone could act a loud explosion was heard and a cloud of dust surrounded the area. “What’s going on!?” cried one of the crew. The dust grew thicker and then slowly faded. Amongst the cloud of dust a dark figure arose hovering a few inches away from them. When the dust cleared they saw her and knew it was trouble.

          Floating over a pool of lava she grinned at them evilly. “So you’ve finally arrived.” she said with a hint of humor in her voice. ” I haven’t had guest in so long, so a really enjoy your company.” Who are you!?” Lockert roared, reaching for his sword. “Well now, there’s no need to get rough.” She said with a twisted grin. ” I’m Flaea Dominia, mistress of the lava, and I reside in this great volcano.”  curtseying she then said, “Now then let’s play a game.” ” We will no-” Lockert started before he narrowly dodged a ball of fire heaved at him. Everyone frantically dived not wanting to be scorched by the flames. Flaea laughed” Wow you guys are pretty fast, let’s see you dodge this.” she flung a few more at them, this time a few people caught on fire. ” Wow, look at that!” She yelled with amusement as she watched them franticly pat out the fires. She danced around the flaming lava until she was nearly hit with an arrow. ” Take that you fiend!” one of Lockert’s crew roared as he loaded up another. Following suit everyone let arrows fly, but to no avail.

        She floated around as if in a dance recital. More arrows flew but not a one hit.” Stand still you witch” Reed demanded. ” Alright, if you insist” Flaea said in a mocking tone as she came to a halt. As soon a she stopped arrows once again came hurling at her aiming to hit. Raising her hand the arrows burst into flames. “Whoops, I forgot.” She giggled in that mocking tone. ” You said don’t move.” ” This is Insane! Captain, what do we do!?” a crew member frantically yelled. Wearing expressions of distraught they turned to the captain. “We distract her and try to get out of here as quick as possible.” The determined Lockert said as he drew is sword intent to fight.

         Flaea spun around giggling like a kid in a toy store. She was clearly enjoying her new “toys”. Lockert looked on trying to figure out how to attack her. He couldn’t just pounce at her, as she was floating over a pool of lava and that would be suicide. Trying a different approach he yelled “Let’s play a different game!” The dancing demon turned obviously interested. Floating in a closer, she inquired” What kind?” ” King of the ring!” Lockert said. ” a game were two people are in an arena and they have a little battle. Last one standing wins.” She beamed with excitement “Sound fun.” With that she glowed a bright red. The whole volcano began to shake.  From the pool of lava arose four platforms three of which forming stepping stones to the final larger one. ” I’ve been waiting for something like this!” She exclaimed while blocking their exit with a rock. Obviously she was on to the plan. She then quickly floated to their “playing field”. ” Well this is going to be hard” Lockert muttered to himself as he followed.

        Nearby lava popped as they stared each other down both of them not making a move. Then Flaea raised her hand high in the air. Sparks rose from her palm forming a staff. “Alright, shall we begin?” She said and before he can bat an eye she flew over with amazing speed and struck him with her staff. The blow, heavy, nearly knocked him into the lava behind him. Lockert countered with a strike of his own, nearly hitting her. They swung and dodged blow after blow, no one person gaining an advantage until Flaea kicked it up a notch, with a back flip she spun and kicked him right in the face then landed another hard blow in the gut. Angry, Lockert swung hard with a sucker punch, catching her by surprise. Sent flying back her goggle broke off revealing a pair of terrifyingly angry eyes red in color. She picked up her staff and cast a massive fire ball at Lockert who dodged.

          The fire ball flew past him and hit the rock, unblocking the exit. To angry to notice she flung another causing a smoke to rise up. Using this to their advantage Lockert and his men fled out of the cave as fast as they could, leaving a frustrated cry behind them. ” They will not get away that easily.” She growled through gritted teeth. Half way through the woods Lockert and is men felt the ground shake and heard a terrifying explosion.  In the direction they came from lava rushed out toward them. Their feet pounded even faster as they frantically approached their ship. Moving quickly they set sail the lava causing the water steam behind them. ” That was close” Lockert said as he let out a long sigh of relief. ” Yeah let’s not do that again.” Reed exhaustedly replied. ” Done.” Lockert said with a smile and they sailed off living to journey another day.

            Somewhere in the volcano Flaea slammed her fist into the wall. ” Darn, they got away! Looks like I’ll have to wait a few more years for more guest to arrive. In the meantime, I’ll be fixing my goggles.” and with that she disappeared into the darkness of the volcano.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, Love-Lie

When it Rains

An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gently resting under a tree. A dream of sunshine, a warmth of Rain. A single whisper a silent pain. My eyes they weep. A sound of lightning rings above. A man calls down “What is your name?” I call back as the sun fades and simply say “My name is Raine.”


A glance in the wrong direction. A fidget and a swallow. A ghost appears and summons you here. In darkness I shall not follow. For whom the bell tows and where do I go? A glimmer and a hope. I face the fear called death. Forsaken or forgotten a memory flashes back. Who is this person that’s constantly laughing? Is it grief or is it more divine? An angel is here with the same name as mine.


A foe or an enemy what is your name? Or are you a friend? Is that your name. Something so close. My heart’s desire. Tell me do you know my name?

Am…I to Leave

A voice as beautiful as the sun. One note and the bell has rung. To whom it calls… An angel will fall. And pray to his soul my bell is safe.


What follows me here and there. A soul so blank as it stares. Your arm lifts the same as mine. But for you the sun doesn’t shine.

The word “You”

What comes to mind when I think you is a word that spells my feeling for you.

Love Anxiety

A glance in the wrong direction. A fidget and a swallow. A sigh as heavy, as the soil beneath my feet. The steps of my darling become so clear to me. A fear I dare not reveal follows. Instead we pass each other. A frown now disappears. Because my love so sweet.

Siren’s Song

A storm and a blow. A ship and wreck. A sinner prays. A life to be saved. A siren calls and the ship comes back. Leading the sailor home.

The letter you

I think of a letter. As I look toward the sky. An angel pass across my mind. The letter “U”… What does it mean? I think of a smile of times we were happy. For you the clouds are where you rest. For me the sun shines down as a gentle caress. We follow the rain and the hiding sun. A tale of love brought from above. A kiss so sweet as I wake up.


The one who stares blankly. A vision that bursts. With the stroke of a brush an artist provokes. A splatter of paint. An idea explodes. Dreams come to paper as reality unfolds. A world is entered. We fall to the sky. A song ring with sweet lullabies.

When my name is called

As I glance in the wrong direction; I fidget, and I swallow. A ghost appears and summons me near. A darkness falls before me; one I do not wish to follow. A single bell rings and a hope for life it brings. Forsaken or forgotten. Am I abandon by God? Why has Insanity taken such a firm grasp? I watch an angel fall right in front of me. Who is the one that calls me. A hand reaches to me. The one it belongs to whispers a name familiar. Beyond the lips of a sinner comes “Please don’t call me back.”

Hope (Happiness)

A splash of color here and there. I pause and I wonder as I stare. The one who stared blankly a brush and a stroke. A pleasant thought that art provokes. The shinning sun a cool rain. A warmth that ends all the pain. I laugh, I cry my soul divine. I smile so bright as time goes by.


An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under a tree. A nap and a story under the sun. A sound, a song that enter my ears. A serenity as the sun disappears. The stars that shine show a picture of you. Tears fall down my face as a warmth and joy disappear. I listen, I wander to a distance voice; hoping my happiness doesn’t fade.


On a cloud there sat a droplet of rain. Glistening under a ray of sun. It falls down to earth under the sky. The soil drinks it over time and it begins new life. A bud of a flower rises from the ground. It soaks up the rays and returns to life. A beauty like no other forms an existence. A ray of sunshine feeds it from above. A beautiful flower remains here on earth. As time flies the sky around it changes. In the light of the sun brings forth an angel. She floats and takes a look before returning to air.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, The White Lilies of the Lake

She sat on the edge of the lake. Her reflection staring back as intently as she was. She sighed as the wind rippled across her reflection in the lake. Unaware of the eyes on her from above she brushed her hands across her face.

“Do you aim to go in after yourself, girl?”

Startled she turns to see a beautiful woman standing there.

“I was the only one here.” She said wearily. “I would have known if there was someone else.”

“You say that as if you own this place.”

“I do, for this is my land. My kingdom.”

“What is your name?”

“You should know my name is Maize.” She looked up slightly offended. “The crown princess of this land.”

“How bold. For I am Serenity. An entity that gives this land light. A nymph if you will.”

Maize lit up.

Serenity rose an eyebrow as she expected senseless babbling.

“Why do you look as if you were offended?” Maize said rather slyly.

“People shouldn’t be so full of themselves.” Serenity retorted.

“Well then…”

Maize got up and walked around. She moved rather quickly as if to avoid the woman following her.

“Is this your territory or something?” Maize asked in annoyance.

“I’ve watched you come here for some time.” Serenity said softly.

“Then you must be in love.” Maize laughed.

“How foolish.” Serenity blushed, “But I am a woman of nature under the sign of Aphrodite. I need not concern myself with a selfish mortal.”

She sprung ahead of her bumping her slightly as she passed.

Maize was immediately agitated.

“Watch it.” She yelled.

“Try and catch me princess.” Serenity taunted, “And try not to fall.”

As soon as her words left, she took off.

Maize huffed and chased the woman.

Serenity ran so effortlessly. She made sure she zigzagged through trees and hopped over any rock she could find. Maize stumbled a few times. Serenity looked back often and laughed as she knew Maize tried hard not to fall.

“You won’t laugh when you fall, Serenity.”

“You’ll bite your tongue if you talk and ran so awkwardly.” She teased.

They reached a clearing. Maize’s eyes grew wide as it was filled with white flowers. She slowed herself to look at them. She looked around as she ran before suddenly crashing into Serenity’s arms.

“Well, It seems I caught you instead.” Serenity laughed as she held her.

“Or did I stop paying attention and nearly knock you over.” Maize said with a blush.

Serenity let her go as Maize pushed herself away. Maize walked toward the field. She beamed as the endless field of white flowers stretched for miles.

“They are the lilies that grow around this lake.” Serenity started, “They separate this world from the outside. The meadows beyond takes you to the wilderness. Then you are in the world around.”

“Be quite will you.” Maize shushed her. “I want to enjoy my view.”

Serenity sprung before her and picked a Lilly. She surrounded it in light. The flower seemed to brim with more life.

“Wow it’s even prettier.” Maize got closer as she smiled.

“Then have it.” Serenity said rather softly.

“Really?” Maize said as she tentatively grabbed it.

“You need not be so careful as my powers are great.” Serenity continued in a more normal tone, “Just don’t lose it.”

“Then I will cherish it.” Maize smiled sincerely.

Serenity beamed her own smile.

“By the way I won’t fall for you.” Maize said sneakily.

“Are you familiar with the langue of flowers.” Serenity said with curiosity.

“It is a hobby of mine.” Maize looked at the flower she was carefully holding.

“Then all the more easier to tell you I meant for the land to have such beauty.” She walked around her,” They represent the purest of love. My land is lush and beautiful. This field is beyond your kingdom on purpose. I wish for it to stay this way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t be selfish, girl, and tarnish my land.” Serenity said.

She watched Maize frown.

“I mean not to make you sad.” Serenity said as she got closer.

“Are you going to kiss me?” Maize asked nervously.

“The lily is enough.” She said as she pulled back.

She walked back to the forest.

This time Maize followed her.

Serenity stopped. Her body glew a bright yellow.

“At least before you leave you should say goodbye.” Maize said softly.

“I’ll say something better.”

Serenity continued to glow. She faded into golden light. As she left sunlight fuzzed around her. They danced around the field. She watched in awe. Before grabbing one.

All at once a bliss of warmth surrounded her. She felt as if she would fly away. She closed her eyes to take it all in. As she opened her eyes, she noticed she was looking at the clouds above. The golden fuzz floated high into the sky.

She turned to look at the field of White Lilies as they shined with bright light.

Enjoy yourself well. Your secret garden.

“Fine then. I love you too. Come again soon.”

And with that she headed back.