A Book for Me and A Ring for You: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: When We Meet

Finding Evie was one most beautiful thing I could never write for myself. I enjoyed strolling to the park. I have done this often before. However seeing Evie in various places on my way there was an adventure in itself. She often seemed to be waiting. When our eyes meet she always smiles.

One day I became bold and asked if she would take a break with me. She smiled and offered a walk in the park. Between those I pull out my pad and pen to write.

It seemed strange saying it this way. I live by my writing. I live in my dreams. Yet she is the only on I felt I wanted to have read them no matter what. I protect my time so viciously. It felt strange sharing it with someone I saw walking in the rain so casually.

“You seem more cheerful than when I met you.”

I paused. She did have a point. My writing was applauded as improved by the editor of my work. As I closed in on my book, so much time was spent with Evie. I feared time as if I had chronophobia. I always felt there wasn’t enough.

You’re right. I feel like a new person.

“I do too. It’s because of you, you know.”

My heart jolted. I glanced away a little to quickly for my liking. Yet I soared.


Oh yeah! I got distracted. But it has been great hanging out together.

She had this most innocent giggle at my response. I felt a simple love for it.

Work was a different beast. I remember my pain as I talk with my editor. It was never enough. My book was picked up. It was amazing hearing praise but why not have it out. I waited so long only to have the editor say more is better.

I sometime leave on the verge of tears but I fear when they say “She may not be ready.”

My only fuel is that I am close. My only goal is to get there. I fear. I do have a signing of a first book payment but I use it scarcely. Simple things are nice but I fear being trapped. Why is this process so long. I often want to scream more.

“You may want to make this part longer, Dawn.”

Thanks, Kevin. I will keep that in mind.

“We will end talks today. But so far great work.”

I sat at my desk. The words felt to jumble as I make them. I lean back and close my eyes. I want to calm down but I want this so much. Maybe some tea will calm me down.

Walking to my kitchen I pass by my window. I see Evie pass on a path she must take ever so often. She seemed so content to herself. I want to go out and say something to her. At least I wish she would turn and smile. My fluttering hearts says tea for now but seeing her lifted me up.

I returned to my desk and sipped long and slow. The tea filled me with such warmth. Evie made is much more. I looked at my scene and gave it another go.

Listening to myself with a memory of questions from her made me apply the same take on my book. I began to dream again looking hard into each part. I figure out maybe this happens now. I fall in love with the scene again. It take my emotions to many places.

I stop to think but she creeps into my mind. I’ll write another story for her to take a break.

One becomes two. Two becomes more. I want to see her face light up so much I tear into my world. My mind floods with ideas I want her smile so much. Work seems so distant now. Keeping it up I managed to finish five. It was so fun I hoped she could read them soon.

I look at the time and put my stuff up. I want to stroll hoping she is still around.

I reach the park. Evie was sitting on the bench where she and I first met.

“Oh you’re here!”

I am. I finished my work for the day and thought you might want to see some more story.

“I would!”

She read them so enthusiastically. Each one she dived in so silently I wondered almost out loud. However afterwards she talked so high of them I almost floated away.

We spent so much time together today. My troubles seemed to melt.

“Hey Dawn… Let’s exchange numbers.”

A smile wider than I may have intended formed.

I would love too.

I left her feeling higher than I’ve ever felt. Meeting Evie was so much in my life, I felt maybe I will treat myself for a nice dinner.

The thought of it put a smile on my face. It time for some steak.

A Book for Me and A Ring For You: Chapter One

Chapter One: A Lonely Shower

The rain fell so rapidly as I looked out the window. The way is streamed across the glass always reminded me of tears. And yet the pattering from the droplets hitting the glass as reminded me of a serenity. Looking on as I sigh, I know it could be better. Yet as the rain falls I feel like if it ends my sadness only returns.

Looking through the glass, a women walked by in the distance. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry. The rain hit over her yet not a single thing about it worried her. She seemed at peace. Why not run in it? Why not hurry? I get a good look at her face and see that she is so lovely.

Picking self up I head to my kitchen. A warm cup of tea will lift my mood.

It wasn’t long after I set the pot that is started to boil. My mind had been lost. I was in such a mood. Waiting for it to brew gave my mind such a clutter. Yet as I closed my eye her face came into view. I kept my eyes shut tight and looked at her again. I almost felt a happiness.

Picking up my tea I take a long sip. It had been so long that a warmth filled me. I want to see her again.

Shortly after the rain fall I decided to take a walk. Looking around outside was always a thing I liked to do.

The tree were bright in the lush. They were so beautiful I took my steps in slowly. After all I had time.

The wind blew around and a slight chill lingered. Even so the day was returning. As I made it into town people were already about. I looked at every face a my heart began to flutter as I looked to see her again.

Making a more hasty step I wandered into a crowd. It was so lively yet to me it was just a crowd. A felt so silly trying to find her. I wish I could go without such silliness. I feel so frustrated now.

The park felt like such a better place to be. Gathering my though as I managed to find a dry seat I thought of were a I am to be such a wreck. I grabbed my pad and pen and began to jot down some ideas. I swam in my thoughts make one letter at a time. Romance began to fill it I wanted to quit but just decided to write.

“You’re good.”

I turn to see the face I am looking for.

“Sorry to look over your shoulder. I was just curious to see what you were writing.”

It’s not a problem. I always enjoy having a reader.

“I see. Then are you a writer?”

I am…

“If you don’t mind, can I sit here?”

She looked so sweet. I want to say no. There had to be another bench for her to sit. My never seen are exploding. But my heart says yes. In all of my thoughts the only thin I could do is say yes.


“Yay! This was the only bench that wasn’t wet.”

It was a bit awkward at first. Writing to myself with someone here made me nervous. Yet it was more nerve wrecking to have her eyes on me. Her mindless questions some how did the opposite though. When stopping to answer her questions I felt that I cloud relax.

By the time I finished a let her read the whole thing. It was lovely having her smile at the end. She got up so suddenly though after the sun came out. Yet instead of relief I felt a bit down.


I looked up to see her smiling.

“My name is, Evie.”

My heart fluttered as I reached to grab her extended hand.


“Dawn, is it?”

She grabbed my hand and held it tight.

“If life permits it, let me read again.”

I felt my heart ping. But before a proper answer came to my mind; she said goodbye. I felt good. So much that I will write here again. From this lonely shower I found a good friend.

I lay on my bed after I sat in the bathtub. It was the best I have felt in my many years. Evie had such a playful enthusiasm. I really loved her. But as duty calls I must continue to write as deadlines are coming soon.

My mind wandered in darkness of the night. I saw a beautiful dream as let my eyes stay closed. I woke up in what seemed like minutes. Horror struck me as my mind raced. Two hours had passed since I laid down. I need to gather my notes and writing and get this book done.

I rushed out of bed; however, in my own flash of bliss I slow down. Remembering her words of haste made me wonder why I do pressure myself. I’ll take my time and slow down.

I looked outside again. The clouds were back. A slight drizzle came down. But in my mind It was just as nice. I’ll wait until tomorrow and do it just right.