In for the Rain: Short Stories, Drifting

This rowboat of mine has floated for some time. I see no end of it. I daze off into the moonlit sky. Its light comforts me. The stars fill the sky but no picture they show guide me. Even the brightest one could never lead me home. The still of the water keeps me lost for ages. I drift off to my sleep only to float on further. I long for a destination or a place of peace. I took this rowboat to your heart and got lost on the way. I took this risky journey only for you to say do not stay.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Little Demon

A little demon once told me; I only have one wish. That I would simply learn of it once I forgive him. No harm was to befall me as I have not sinned. No matter how much it confused me; the demon said its his. Under the watchful eye of the sun I watched the demon dance. He said stay until the moonlight but fall asleep not. As he swayed to his own beat the wind covered the sky with clouds deep in grey. He watched it with a teary eye. He told me for you the rain must not fall. Yet as it began to fall from the sky, he motions for me to run with him and hide. We sat by a tree with branches too high. High enough to catch the rain in the sky. He told me to close my eyes and dream. That one simple wish will come at three. I closed my eyes and fell into slumber. And in heaven I fly with wings so vivid. My eyes are blinded by a bright light. I hear a bell. I hear a thank you.  I hear a voice in gentle peace. I close my eyes once again and return to the tree where I sat before. The demon who led was there no more.

Drabble #120 My Lust

From my heart to yours is my own little demon. It snatched you up from the person you love. It kept you away from her gentle smile. It wakes you up with the greediest lust. A demon so small it keeps you with me. Far away from the person you seek. It crafted a vicious mask for me. The one you hold dear ran into it. Call it lust. Call it more. I’ll keep you with me. If you call it love.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, As I Sleep

The tears that I shed by this willow tree falls to the soil beneath my feet. The sunflowers it sprouts calls to me a gentle crow. It fills its belly with the seeds that grow. I wallow in my anger so vicious and furious. I watch it fly off in the wind that flows west. Not once did it ever wish me the best. I call to the sun for a light to hold. It sends down a beam in a gentle caress. No sooner than it landed its snatched by a cloud. One so greedy it wept in the sky. Its tears drenched me in a pitiful sorrow. The tree umbrellas me as its companion. I watch as its leaves drip past my head. A little smile forms from cheek to cheek. As the crow returns, I close my eyes and sleep.

East Sol Presents: A Light that Binds us Together (Lita Rhodes)

Hello all! The Sector with the Brightest was so much fun to write. With said I am planning to make it a full fledge series known as East Sol. East Sol Character Spotlight previously showed an extra story of Natalie Gholston. It was just a fun look into the character herself. In this next story I look at a take on a later scene for Lita Rhodes. It was part of her main story. I eventually changed to a new direction but thought I’d share it anyway. Please enjoy!

As emotion began to overwhelm her Lita refused to fight them, she won’t be strong, and she won’t refuse to feel them:

“I knew it and I was afraid. So much that I even tried to get there that day to negotiate the null in void of that contact so that we both can be saved. I couldn’t get there. However, time I won’t do that.”

Pain that threatens to destroy every bit of her washed over her. Every bit of her shook and every bit of her spiraled and for the first time he finally gives into those thoughts. Thoughts she didn’t know to think that day. Thoughts she felt she was too strong to think afterwards. She finally refuses to stay strong, but she won’t give up and she openly expressed frustration for everything she felt that day and everything she had to do get Lisa to forgive herself. The frustration that now that she has done enough for both of them to feel happy. For both of to believe they can continue to be happy. For both to be able to say without doubt that they are saved: why does Lisa have to go away? Every bit of those thoughts broke Lita up and she completely spiraled with no fear to stop because nothing will make her fear saying these words as every bit of her refused to hold back:

It’s not fair…
It’s not fair.
It’s not fair!

” It is not fair Lisa has to leave now! It’s not fair she now has to go away. It’s not fair she now has to leave all of the light she found! It’s not fair to take her away! It’s not fair that I messed up and Lisa has to go away. I am not going up there! I refuse to negotiate! Please don’t take her away! Please don’t let her leave me! It’s not fair! Call of that contract, both of us messed up! We both learned! And We both deserve to be saved! Please call of that contract! We both deserve to live!”

Every but of that fear Lita felt, that she herself felt made Lisa cry. Every bit of their fear made her not want to die. Every bit of their fear made her not want to go away. Every bit of her as frighten as she was, looked straight into all of the fear she saw in Lita’s eye and Lisa refused to run this time because she would never have those eyes look like that. All of her believed that as Lita Rhodes’ s older sister she Lisa Rhodes will do everything in her power to make those frightened tears go away. As such she too had something to say:

 “This contract is null in void! For the despair I witness is not a part of the deal. I see that if I leave her this way she will never be saved. I gave up to soon and prematurely made that contract and missed seeing that we were already given that opportunity. I prematurely got so desperate that a gave it up and made a ridicules contract with terms made unfairly to keep me from learning from my mistake. I misused this magic and I did it again this day and everything in me regrets that. As such I will openly renegotiate those unfair terms of my contract by l taking the responsibility for the failure that is that day. I misused my magic and took that “L” as a “loss” and refused to see it as a “Lesson”!

The new terms I offer are final and are to go in affect immediately should all parties agreed:

 ‘Take this magic and all of it! As the repayment for damages of my unfair contract. I, Lisa Rhodes, will here by protect on her own merit and have strength on her own merit so that I, Lisa Rhodes, will do and be my best to unsure that I am strong enough to save anyone and/or have strength enough to continue to live if I lose them. If those terms are reasonable: I, Lisa Rhodes affective immediately give up this magic in settlement to take my real “L” and stay”

Drabble #118 To the Sneaky Thief

To the sneaky thief who waits in the dark. I know you are there, but I fear you not. I simply feel a stare so blank. I want to lose you in this great chase. You are not welcome. You will not stay. But I will play this cat and mouse game. Follow me and keep up well. For I have a move you cannot foretell. I’ll erase it all before you can see. As you will never defeat me.

In for the Rain: Short Stories, Awake

A sweet dream of you ends in a cold stare. I follow your soul as it leaves here. I watch you go time after time. I hold myself as I cry. My anger arises with promises dashed. You told me forever and that we would last. I watch your soul linger above. I can’t get there you aren’t my love.

The cold consumes me. I wipe my eyes. They never stop flowing with you in the sky. I want my warmth back. I try to die. But all I do is close my eyes. I linger in the dark with hopes I been taken. I wait in my still but only awaken. I’ll go to you I finally say. And in a flash you call to me and say. “I’m here my love. I always am. Don’t fall to your grief and smile again.”

I stare in your direction in my disbelief. You’ve come down I say. But is it really for me? You grab me in an embrace that feels as cold as ice. I fall unto my knees with you right by my side. “I won’t leave you ever. Just believe in me. Look up with your sorrow but see me and beam.” I nod my head yes. I’ll remember it well. For you are my love and I shall be well.

I close my eyes and felt a grand warmth. I swim in this feeling. I want to drown in it. Pleasant thoughts of you enter my mind. I call your name many times. I don’t want you to leave. My emotions flood. I open my eyes with you still there. I want to fly and soar in the air. You are my love. I want you to stay. With you by my side no plane matters. I’ll be with you forever. As our love shall never shatter.