In for the Rain: Short Stories, Awake

A sweet dream of you ends in a cold stare. I follow your soul as it leaves here. I watch you go time after time. I hold myself as I cry. My anger arises with promises dashed. You told me forever and that we would last. I watch your soul linger above. I can’t get there you aren’t my love.

The cold consumes me. I wipe my eyes. They never stop flowing with you in the sky. I want my warmth back. I try to die. But all I do is close my eyes. I linger in the dark with hopes I been taken. I wait in my still but only awaken. I’ll go to you I finally say. And in a flash you call to me and say. “I’m here my love. I always am. Don’t fall to your grief and smile again.”

I stare in your direction in my disbelief. You’ve come down I say. But is it really for me? You grab me in an embrace that feels as cold as ice. I fall unto my knees with you right by my side. “I won’t leave you ever. Just believe in me. Look up with your sorrow but see me and beam.” I nod my head yes. I’ll remember it well. For you are my love and I shall be well.

I close my eyes and felt a grand warmth. I swim in this feeling. I want to drown in it. Pleasant thoughts of you enter my mind. I call your name many times. I don’t want you to leave. My emotions flood. I open my eyes with you still there. I want to fly and soar in the air. You are my love. I want you to stay. With you by my side no plane matters. I’ll be with you forever. As our love shall never shatter.

Drabble #114 To Our Dreams

The way we part is through our dreams. I lay next to you as we sleep. A light pours over us. The stars take us away. The high moon guides us with its light. In the sea up in the sky, we float as our dream unfold. I look at you as you stare into my eyes. We fall into a golden light. “Let’s stay here forever. Just you and I”. We open our eyes to the morning sunrise.

Drabble #113 My Letter to You

I give this letter to you. I hope you read with all your heart. I tell you to wait until you are home. I tell you to take your time. You open the letter with a smile. You read each word in front of me. My heart flutters. I watch your face. You close your letter and your kiss meets my lips. I float away inside my mind. I open my eyes to see yours in time. “My Heart is yours is all I say.” I take your words and together we stay.