Drabble #81 When Rain Cries

An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under the sun. A nap and a book under a tree. A sound a song that enters my ears. Singing sweet beauty to dry the tears. A serene sunset enters my view. The stars twinkle a vision of you. A tear that falls as emotion arise. A warmth a joy my family holds. I sit down on a rainy day. Hoping my happiness doesn’t wash away.

Drabble #79 To Dry Your Eyes

Have faith in yourself the woman who cries. Hold your head high and lift your eyes. For the world to have made you this way is sad in deed. But it’s wonders are bright and vast as the sea. I want to lift you high into the sky. I want to sing for you to dry your eyes. For your tears cause a pain deep in my heart. A beauty such as yours can radiate with time. So hold your head high and please dry your eyes.

Drabble #75 Finding Time

While gaining a sense of self, I find myself weary. I look at the time as it goes by. I wander into a distant part of my mind. I search for the gem that is time. It’s ever so elusive. It’s always out of reach. I wonder if I’ll catch it. In time I go to sleep. As I rest my weary head I find myself alive. As I rest my weary head I finally meet with time.