It’s Only You by Raine Leggett

A tale of frustration and longing. “We can’t I have you?” Is a thought that ran through my head as I wrote this. It’s bitter. It’s sweet. Please enjoy this piece. It’s Only You by. Raine Leggett When I think you, I want to be happy. I want to say I soar in the sky.Continue reading “It’s Only You by Raine Leggett”

Are you Mine? by Raine Leggett

A story of love and longing. When you love someone, you want them near. You want to hold them and fill yourself with love. In this flash fic, I try to capture those emotions. Please enjoy! Are you Mine? by. Raine Leggett Were you sent to me from heaven? Is there light brighter than yours?Continue reading “Are you Mine? by Raine Leggett”

The Colorful Mask by Raine Leggett

Smile for the camera. You are a star. These thoughts swim in a young performer’s head. What if I didn’t. I’ll just make due. See the strife of a singer who puts on a smile for every mood. Please enjoy. The Colorful Mask by Raine Leggett I watch as they cheer. The applause ringing throughoutContinue reading “The Colorful Mask by Raine Leggett”

For my Sake by Raine Leggett

The was an idea I had about miraculous survivals. In this story someone is hurt badly yet they live. Take a look at it and enjoy. For my Sake by Raine Leggett The world steadily went dark. The scene around my eyes began to vanish. It grew colder by the second. “Why is this deathContinue reading “For my Sake by Raine Leggett”

A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett

In this world, there are many pleasures. For me walking is one. It is a way to unwind and enjoy life. The park is the best place to do that. This piece is about a woman who just does that. A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett Over the moon and down again. I wonder howContinue reading “A Lovely Afternoon by. Raine Leggett”

Death (A Flash Story) by Raine Leggett

This story is about a struggle with life. It follows the last moment of a suffering individual. Please enjoy. Death (A Flash Story) Movement One: Despair I look around and all I see is an abyss. Fighting time with rage, fighting life with despair in my eyes. I call to the lord with my fistContinue reading “Death (A Flash Story) by Raine Leggett”

To Wait for You by Raine Leggett

This story was after an odd challenge. I had to make a story about a lamp. After some thinking, the lamp became the scene on/scene off device. It was very interesting to do. Please enjoy this fiction about a woman who thinks its the end of her relationship. To Wait for You by. Raine LeggettContinue reading “To Wait for You by Raine Leggett”

Lockert Barnes and the Mistress of the Volcano by. Raine Leggett

This story has a lot of nostalgia to it. I wrote it when I was 14. It was originally planned to be a fan fiction of Odysseus from Odyssey. I was heavy in to fan fiction then and really wanted to be a fanfiction artist. I stopped short however and made it a school projectContinue reading “Lockert Barnes and the Mistress of the Volcano by. Raine Leggett”