Hello, hopefully everyone is enjoying my short stories. They are now bounded and sold on kindle available on amazon. Check them out with my other book that includes a novella ‘The Sector with the Brightest Sun’. Follow the links below: In for the Rain: Short Stories: In for the Rain: A Collection of Stories: […]

In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Fallen Blade

He sat there wondering. His makeshift grave floating in his head. Why did this happen? His friend wept on the ground as he floated. “Be a man, Marco.” He pleaded, “Damn it why can’t he hear me.” “Don’t die, Marco. Don’t cry! Be a man!” Marco helplessly sat there. He stared at his name. “Titus!” […]

In for the Rain: Short Stories, When Hell Comes

“Well…”  A woman walked through the woods, “I have to find those scared roots.” She walked around looking with an almost bored expression. Toads hoped around. One was immediately captured by a snake slithering by. She snarled at the snake and then chuckled at the disaster. “Worms are tastier than those fellows.” She looked around, […]

In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Withered Flower

“You poor thing.” The young woman stared, “Trampled into the ground with a vicious might.” She stared at the flower. Its petal tarnished as the stem bends. The woman picked up the petals. She clutched them tightly. War ravaged this land. As the villager returned to the wreckage. They all cried. “We did not deserve […]