In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Warmth of Music

The music started as she shuttered herself in her room. Tears flowed down her eyes endlessly. “What am I going to do…” She whispered to herself. “My job meant everything to me.” She had just received a call from her boss that she was laid off. The company she worked on scaled back and eliminated […]

In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Distant Reaper

She stared blankly at the one who laid in front of her. A deep crimson leaked from their head. She watched as a man ran from the site. “It’s not fair…” She said. “It’s not fair!”  She cried. She watched the for on the ground limp as the crimson wouldn’t stop. She floated around waiting […]

In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Cursed Man

They all fell… What possessed them to come here? Were they scared? Why would the human world return to us in this state? Such a smell of blood. Their war was vicious in nature. Foolish humans after the prize of the sun. Foolish man… I have unnecessarily stained my hands. I have nearly robbed myself […]

In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Girl who Lost her Words

The one who sat there always intrigued me. She was sometimes so still she seemed frozen. I often wondered what was in her mind. As time past I felt familiar with her. She sometimes glanced in my direction. Her eye were always distant but lovely all the same. All I want from her is to […]

The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Eleven

Mimi had just finished talking to King Lawrence on the tellaprojector. He brimmed with excitement over their achievement. His kingdom thrived in the tourist market. Becoming the top vacation destinations. It also ruled the polls in top places one wish to retire. And soon it will become a capital kingdom. *** The Zane-Nowell practice was […]