In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Girl who Lost her Words

The one who sat there always intrigued me. She was sometimes so still she seemed frozen. I often wondered what was in her mind. As time past I felt familiar with her. She sometimes glanced in my direction. Her eye were always distant but lovely all the same. All I want from her is to […]

The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Eleven

Mimi had just finished talking to King Lawrence on the tellaprojector. He brimmed with excitement over their achievement. His kingdom thrived in the tourist market. Becoming the top vacation destinations. It also ruled the polls in top places one wish to retire. And soon it will become a capital kingdom. *** The Zane-Nowell practice was […]

The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Ten

 The announcement was heard far and wide. The main continent on the planet of Cosmic Star was being split into 9 equal parts. The ceremony introduced 8 new Kings of the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars. *** Sometime after Rochel and Mimi returned to East Sol, they started preparing for the details of Mimi’s project to […]

The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Nine

The day of the wedding drew near. Mimi sat in her room dreaming to herself. It’s almost here. Our Wedding is almost here! Mimi hugged her pillow as she fell back on her bed, excitement overflowing through her. She eventually became too sleepy to think. Well I might as well turn in. Mimi turned off […]

The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Eight

Their ship landed on the Kingdom of Harold. As soon as the landed they were greeted by the Magic Knight of Harold. Mimi and Rochel stepped out of the ship along with their four Royal Knight. An excitement waved across Mimi. It felt so surreal it was as if she was already married to Rochel. […]

The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Seven

The news of the Magic Knight festival of East Sol created a buzz just about everywhere the news reached. People excitedly talked about the event. It wasn’t everyday East Sol opened its doors to so many people. As such the event was sure to be something special. *** I few months passes since the formal […]